File Based Data Integrations

Praemium provides connectivity to multiple banks, brokers and data providers. This connectivity allows for the automation of data exchange between multiple providers, and can facilitate direct information sharing, productivity increases and enhanced accuracy between systems.

File Based Data Integrations


Praemium supports both the import and export of data using the External Platform Interface (EPI) format. This is a standard format used between systems such as:

  • Coin
  • BGL360
  • Adviser Logic
  • Visiplan
  • Platform Plus
  • InvestmentLink
  • Midwinter
  • Class Super

The export jobs can be automatically or manually scheduled and further detail is available in our help centre.

Export Centre / Upload Centre

Praemium has developed a full suite of file exports that allow you to export the most important platform information and data. Several exports also allow you to download information in the correct Upload Centre spreadsheet formats. This allows you to take existing data from the system, edit that data, and then upload it again with your corrected values.

A sample of the information available through the centre is as following:

  • Cash transactions
  • Transactions
  • Income & Expenses
  • Cash balances
  • Corporate event election
  • Cost parcels
  • Assets
  • Portfolio settings
  • Portfolio contact details
  • Performance settings
  • Users

For more information please visit our Upload Centre and Export Centre help pages.

Broker Feeds

Praemium supports multiple formats of broker feeds and contract note transactions, through SFTP, Webservices and e-mail attachments. Contract note formats are highly flexible and we currently process E-mail, text, CSV, PDF, XML and HTML formats, both as separate attachments and in-line. Varying PDF formats are also supported for processing and data extraction.

Scheduled Data Exchange

Praemium provides the ability for clients to maintain a data warehouse or third-party integrity and reconciliation systems by automating scheduled system-wide data transfers. These can be run with tailored information and frequency that will fit your requirements. Please click here to chat to someone further about your requirements.

International Feeds

Praemium also has a vast international offering of datafeeds through our award winning Wealthcraft platform, an end-to-end advice solution including Practice Management, Report Generation and Client Engagement giving you less time on administration, increased efficiency & better service for your clients.

As WealthCraft is part of the Office 365 cloud, our users have a cloud-based, user-friendly interface that allows them to perform all the business and financial planning tasks required to run their businesses in the one place, underpinned by a worldwide leader in software, services and solutions.
Please visit our WealthCraft information page to find out what Wealthcraft can do for your business.

International Feeds