Previous Versions

This page will allow you to download and view previous API version descriptions and their associated open API file.

This can be used when your software policy is to not run bleeding edge versions, but please note support for these versions will vary and we recommend always using the latest API version.

Version Documentation Open API
v1 2023.07.31 openapi_2023_07_31.json
v1 2023.07.27 openapi_2023_07_27.json
v1 2023.05.25 openapi_2023_05_25.json
v1 2023.02.09 openapi_2023_02_09.json
v1 2023.01.12 openapi_2023_01_12.json
v1 2022.09.29 openapi_2022_09_29.json
v1 2022.09.15 openapi_2022_09_15.json
v1 2022.08.26 openapi_2022_08_26.json
v1 2022.08.12 openapi_2022_08_12.json
v1 2022.08.11 openapi_2022_08_11.json
v1 2022.07.22 openapi_2022_07_22.json
v1 2022.07.15 openapi_2022_07_15.json
v1 2022.06.02 openapi_2022_06_02.json
v1 2022.05.19 openapi_2022_05_19.json
v1 2022.04.29 openapi_2022_04_29.json
v1 2022.03.10 openapi_2022_03_10.json
v1 2022.02.10 openapi_2022_02_10.json
v1 2021.10.28 openapi_2021_10_28.json
v1 2021.10.14 openapi_2021_10_14.json
v1 2021.09.30 openapi_2021_09_30.json
v1 2021.09.16 openapi_2021_09_16.json
v1 2021.09.02 openapi_2021_09_02.json
v1 2021.08.19 openapi_2021_08_19.json
v1 2021.08.05 openapi_2021_08_05.json
v1 2021.07.22 openapi_2021_07_22.json
v1 2021.06.24 openapi_2021_06_24.json
v1 2021.06.03 openapi_2021_06_03.json
v1 2021.05.06 openapi_2021_05_06.json
v1 2021.04.20 openapi_2021_04_20.json

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